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Considered the lifeblood of the engine, motor oil is so important to the overall health and performance of your vehicle. It’s why the engine can stay clean and lubricated, and today’s technology has allowed scientists to design a variety of motor oil types that are fine-tuned for your specific needs. From conventional to synthetic, there’s something for everyone, and Hi-Tech Auto Specialists wants to help you find the right one for your needs. At our shop in Westchester, Illinois, our experienced service advisors and technicians help you find the right oil and quickly add it into your car’s engine so you can experience the benefits right away. You’ll never have to worry about old oil ruining your car’s engine when you come to us for a consistent oil change service.

Do You Need an Oil Change?

As many vehicle owners know, it’s important to have the oil regularly checked and changed. Doing this ensures the engine is always filled with fresh, clean oil, and that can help maintain and improve the performance of your vehicle. But outside of looking at the service sticker, it’s helpful to know other warning signs that your car needs an oil change. Not sure what to look for? No problem, our team has you covered:

Dirty Oil

During its lifespan, your car’s oil will cycle through the engine hundreds of times to keep it clean and lubricated. Over time, the oil will begin to deteriorate and lose some of its helpful properties as it picks up contaminants found throughout the engine. As a result, the oil will begin to take on an old and dirty appearance, and although it may be a cause for concern, it’s quite normal. With that said, we suggest changing the oil out as soon as possible. Continuing to use old oil can eventually harm the engine, and you’ll be left needing a service much more expensive than an oil change.

Low Oil Levels

Like gasoline, motor oil can be consumed or burnt up, although the process is much slower compared to gas. Low oil levels, while normal, can starve the engine and create significant problems such as lack of lubrication, which can lead to high-speed parts to harm themselves. As a result, major damage could occur and leave the engine in a state-of-disrepair, which is something your car and wallet don’t want to deal with. We suggest filling up the oil to its proper levels, but also be careful of overfilling, as this can be just as bad as low oil levels.

Schedule Your Oil Change

Clean motor oil is crucial to keeping the engine clean and performing at its best. If you require an oil change or you notice the oil levels are low, make sure you have that problem solved and schedule a service with Hi-Tech Auto Specialists in Westchester, Illinois. Our staff can work with you to find and add the right motor oil for your vehicle and budget to ensure the engine is always properly lubricated. And we’ll get you in-and-out of our facility so you can get back to your day. Schedule your next service by calling our shop at (708) 865-0855, as our staff is ready and waiting to hear from you. If you’re in the area, don’t be afraid to stop by our shop and schedule a visit in person. You’ll find us on 10139 W. Roosevelt Road, and we can’t wait to work with you and your vehicle.