Signs You Need Brake Repair

When to Contact a Professional

Signs That You May Need To Have Your Brakes Repaired or Inspected

If you notice that your car is making funny sounds, pulling to one side, or feels differently when you brake, you should have your brake system checked. Oftentimes, waiting only makes the situation worse causing additional damage and increased repair expenses. The experts at Hi-Tech Auto Specialists, in Oak Lawn, Illinois, have extensive experience in brake repair and can answer your questions.

Common Signs

Signs that you may need to have your brakes checked include:

  1. Screeching or squealing noises – the brake pads may need to be replaced
  2. Vibrations felt in the steering wheel or pedal – the rotors may be warping
  3. Squishy feeling when braking – fluid may be leaking
  4. Grinding or rubbing – the brake pads may need to be replaced or there might be a lack of lubrication for the rear drum brakes
  5. Pulling to one side – the brakes or suspension system may need to be adjusted
  6. Pressing the pedal down too far – the first sign of brake pad wear
  7. Brake warning light – you could be due for a scheduled maintenance inspection or the system is letting you know that something is wrong and needs to be checked
  8. Strong chemical smell when braking hard downhill – the car should immediately be stopped to let the brake system cool.
  9. Bouncing up and down when you stop short – could be due to moisture on the brake pads, the shocks may need to be replaced, or brake fluid may need to be added

Tips For Extending the Life of Your Brake System

Heat, friction, corrosion and sudden stops can prematurely sap the life from your brake system. Some of the easiest ways to extend the life of your brakes are to:

  1. Not ride with your foot on the brakes
  2. Drive with the pace of traffic and allow enough space to decelerate
  3. Avoid aggressive driving (which result in sudden stops)
  4. Take care of your rotors and calipers

Brake Experts

If you notice problems when braking or want an evaluation, the highly trained mechanics at Hi-Tech Auto Specialists, located in Oak Lawn, Illinois can help you. This local, family-operated shop works on all makes and models and offers a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty. Making an appointment is easy – call, schedule one online, or walk-in – they will have your car working optimally in no time!

Written by Hi-Tech Auto Specialists

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