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What Fluid is Coming Out of My Car?

Picture this: you walk out of your house to drive your car to work and immediately notice strange fluid puddling under your vehicle. You instantly jump into panic mode, wondering what the fluid is and why your car is leaking.

While car leaks are something you should never ignore, the good news is that the issue can be repaired.

If your car is leaking, call the auto repair mechanics at High-Tech Auto Specialists in Westchester, Illinois. We’ll put a stop to your leak problem.

What is My Car Leaking?

In order to better understand what type of repair your car needs, it’s essential to know what fluids are leaking out of your vehicle.

Here’s a quick rundown of common car fluids that could be dripping out:

Yellow fluid: If your car is leaking yellow fluid, then it probably has a coolant leak. This could signify a problem with your coolant pump, radiator, or auto AC.

Black liquid: Black puddles typically mean that your vehicle has an engine oil leak. This is a significant problem that needs to be quickly repaired. Without the proper amounts of oil, your engine may overheat. Call our car repair shop to get the leak fixed.

Reddish-brown fluid: If the fluid that is leaking out of your car is reddish-brown, it could be a power steering fluid leak. This means that your O rings or seals are starting to break down.

Brown or red liquid: Are red or brown puddles forming under your car? If so, your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. This repair is extremely expensive. To keep this leak from happening, be sure to get your transmission flushed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Clear or brown fluid: Brown or clear puddles could signify a brake fluid leak. Don’t ignore this problem and book an automotive repair appointment right away. Bad brakes can put you in harm’s way.

Expert Auto Repair in Westchester

If your car is leaking fluid, call the certified mechanics at High-Tech Auto Specialists in Westchester, Illinois, now. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix the problem.

To book your appointment, call us today at (708) 865-0855 and stop the leak!

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