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If you are a responsible vehicle owner, odds are you know your vehicle must go through a regular oil change service to maintain the engine’s quality performance. This service helps remove old, worn oil from the engine and replaces it with fresh oil that can continue to clean and lubricate the engine properly. If you’re due for an oil change, make sure you schedule it with Hi-Tech Auto Specialists in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Our experienced service advisors and technicians work with you to find the best oil for your needs and quickly add it to your car’s engine so you can get back on the road quickly. We’ll make sure your car is always filled with top-quality motor oil so you can experience the best version of your vehicle.

What Oil Is Best For You?

At our shop, we offer various types of motor oil that can help meet your needs regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, or age. Why do we offer this? Because not all vehicles can utilize the same type of motor oil, and the needs change as your car gets older. Not sure what type of oil your car needs? Here are two of our more common motor oil types and what they’re typically used for:


Not sure what your car needs? The odds are that it uses conventional motor oil, as this type is found in most vehicles today. This motor oil is ideal for everyday vehicles with simple engine designs and low to medium mileage. You can’t go wrong with using this motor oil in your vehicle unless you drive a luxury car or a heavy-duty vehicle.


Proud owner of a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or another type of luxury vehicle? The odds are that your car utilizes full-synthetic motor oil, which is optimized for a peak level of performance and high lubrication levels. What separates this motor oil from other types is it’s a higher viscosity, resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, and heightened ability to pick up contaminants and sludge. This oil isn’t meant for specific types of vehicles, so make sure you chat with your tech to see if it’s right for you.

Get Your Oil Changed Today!

Clean motor oil helps keep the engine clean and lubricated, which promotes a healthier and quality performing vehicle. Make sure your car is always filled with quality motor oil and schedule an oil change service with Hi-Tech Auto Specialists in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Our automotive staff work with you to find the right motor oil for your needs and quickly add it to the engine so your car can experience the benefits immediately. Whether your BMW needs synthetic oil or your Dodge opts for conventional, we make sure your car is always outfitted with the right oil for its needs.

Have questions about the motor oil we have available? Want to schedule an appointment? Call our shop at (708) 423-4555 or visit us on 9740 Southwest Highway and chat with our service advisors today! We look forward to meeting you and your vehicle.