Morlow Mounts

Morlow’s Condition: Update Morlow Mount is a longtime employee of Hi-Tech Auto Specialists and, until recently the Manager of our Oak Lawn, IL location, when his cancer illness dramatically worsened. Morlow is now, at home under the helpful care of hospice, with his wife Sue and their daughter Lilly. About Morlow Mounts Morlow is our

The 411 On Oil

Know The Signs Of Poor Oil Health Every vehicle has its own quirks, noises you’ve become used to, or performance issues that you’ve just found a way to live with. Some of these signs will develop when your vehicle needs maintenance. If your car pulls to one side when you are driving in a straight

The Most Common Auto Repairs

What Are Some Auto Repairs Your Car Might Need? It can be tempting to ignore or postpone fixing common auto problems and it’s easy to have a false sense of security that nothing will go wrong. However, many of the most common parts that need to be repaired actually protect and manage the more expensive

Signs You Need Brake Repair

When to Contact a Professional Signs That You May Need To Have Your Brakes Repaired or Inspected If you notice that your car is making funny sounds, pulling to one side, or feels differently when you brake, you should have your brake system checked. Oftentimes, waiting only makes the situation worse causing additional damage and